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“I have used Graston Technique for many years. I find it to be one of the best solutions for helping to recovery from injuries. Graston breaks up scar tissue and strips the muscles helping them to recovery. I recommend Graston to anyone looking for faster recovery”

Marshall Faulk

#28 NFL

“As a former NFL Pro and active lifestyle today, Dr. Rumel is the best, not only for me, but my wife and children.”

Darren C.

“My body deals with a lot of aches and pains over the course of a 162 game season. Using the DMS Stimulator on a regular basis speeds up my recovery time and helps with the flexibility and mobility I need to perform at the highest level. DMS gives me the comfort of knowing that my body will feel refreshed even after a long day at the ballpark or a tough workout in the gym.”

Albert Pujols

LA Angles

“Not only as a professional golfer but as someone with a very active lifestyle, living healthy and pain free is my top personal goal… Graston will change lives forever!!!!”

Lennie Clements


“I could always count on Dr.Llantada to keep me healthy for each game.”

Freddie Jones


“With my focus on my business, I also have to play it safe with myself and Dr. Llantada treats those needs.”

Traci A.

“Dr.Llantada and the entire staff made rehab such a positive experience. They have mastered the art of dealing with matters of the body and creating a relaxing atmosphere!”

Miesha McKelvy- Jones

USA Track and Field, 100m Hurdles

“I could always count on Dr.Llantada to keep me healthy for each game.”

Freddie Jones


“Thanks Dr.Llantada for getting me back on my feet.”

Az-Zahir Hakim


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