Advanced Radiology

What Is Advanced Radiation Therapy?

When exploring different forms of therapy, stereotactic radiation is generally the most advanced. Though there are several different options, patients should be aware that the best treatment for them is highly dependent upon individual circumstances and should be evaluated with their oncologist on a case-by-case basis. These treatments can also be used in combination with other treatments, such as chemotherapy and surgery.

How It Works

On a basic level, cancerous cells in the body grow and reproduce at an uncontrolled and often dangerous rate. Because the cells’ growth is abnormally rapid, irregular growth can spread to other parts of the body and destroy normal organ function. To counter the dangers of these cells, radiation therapy is designed to deliver radioactive particles to the cancerous cells in order to damage them, and slow and/or prevent further growth of the tumors.

How CyberKnife Can Help

Of all FDA-approved radiation equipment, CyberKnife is the only proven system able to deliver all three types of radiation treatment: SBRT, SABR, and SRS. Approved in 2001, CyberKnife combined the best of past technologies to produce the most effective cancer-fighting equipment on the market today. Offering sub-millimeter accuracy and minimizing exposure to healthy tissues, CyberKnife presents a non-invasive treatment option that delivers high doses of radiation to tumorous areas not only in the skull and spinal areas, but all throughout the body.

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